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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop 20 User CAL License

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Cals (Client Access Licenses) are used as an add-on license to Microsoft Windows Server standard or higher.  Remote Desktop Services, previously called Terminal Services, are sold in sets of 5, 20 and 50.  Commonly Referred to as RDS Cals, these licenses are installed on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard and grant access to all systems connected to that server.

Supported Servers

  • Windows Server Standard 2012
  • Windows Server Standard 2012 R2
  • Windows Server Data Center 2012
  • Windows Server Data Center 2012 R2


User Cals

User Cals are the most common and popular option to buy because they allow users to be assigned licenses and log in to any server across the network.   In the example where a company has 20 servers, an RDS licensing server is provisioned and 1 Client access licenses are required only once per user for the entire network of connected servers.


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    To ensure you are in compliance with the licensing terms, you will want to keep a head count on the number of device/users accessing the remote server. If no CALs are available, the remote users will be blocked out from accessing the remote server.

    Whichever solution you choose, you have another layer of flexibility when it comes to content that is published to your users:

    • Desktop: Your IT admin will be able to push any applications, folders, and documentation onto each user's session. All sessions have the ability to include or exclude any content. This method is preferred if your users are going to be utilizing their remote session as their primary workstation.
    • Remote Applications: Preferred if you want to host your applications on a virtual machine as if they're directly on your user's desktops. Typically used when you want to manage applications in a secure, remote environment.


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